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"Logistic Center", 2 lit. "B", Montajnikov Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia
+7 343 3441902
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About Us

President of the Holding company P.A. Kozlov
I am glad to greet you on behalf of our company on our website.
"Uraltrans" company is a part of the research-and-production Holding "Strateg" (Strategist) (Modern state transport technologies).
The additional services can be rendered by "URALCONTAINER" and "ZHELDOREXPEDICIYA" companies, constituting the Holding.
We will try to render you professional, effective and reliable service.
We would appreciate any proposals concerning the improving of transport services.

Yours faithfully,
President of the Holding company - state prize laureate, Doctor of Technical Sciences professor
P. A. Kozlov

About the company

Close joint-stock company "Ural transport company" ("Uraltrans" close company) was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Ural Institute of Engineers of Railway Transport as a specialized forwarding enterprise. The company is a part of the research-and-production Holding "Strateg" (Strategist) (Modern state transport technologies), the president of which is a state prize laureate, Doctor of Technical Sciences professor P. A. Kozlov.

Our company renders a complete complex of transportation and logistic services, dealing with the arrangement of transportations in direct and mixed connections, engaging railway, motor and air transport, either throughout Russia or in import-export communications. Many year's experience has enabled us to create a wide network of branches and representatives all over Russia, reliable and stable contract relations with the leading forwarding organizations have been established all over the world.

We enlarge our branch network and the range of services provided from year to year. We guarantee reliability to our customers:


  • Work experience and professionalism of employees
  • Granting of a guarantee on the delivery time
  • Freight and consignor's responsibility insurance


  • Extensive geography - 11 branch offices, 15 representative offices all over Russia: headquarters - Yekaterinburg;
    Representative offices: Berezniki, Surgut, Tyumen, Perm, Nizhny Tagil, Serov, Artemovsky, Irbit.
  • Customers are informed on-line of their freight flow and time of receipt by means, which are convenient to customer (telephone, fax, SMS, e-mail, website).
  • "URALTRANS" close company is an official forwarder of Sverdlovsk, South-Ural, Kuibishev and Gorky railway.
  • Private railway vehicles - covered trucks.
  • Flexible price policy.


  • Provision of high quality and speed of completing the orders.
  • For you we are the only responsible person throughout the whole course of transportation.
  • Working out various plans of freight delivery, concerning price and time.
  • More than 60% of employees have got higher technical education (Ural State University of Railway Transport) and higher economical education, visit refresher courses and trainings two times a year.

In order to create the advanced container technologies and sufficient service for the freight owners, a close joint-stock company "Ural-Container" was founded in 1997.

In order to carry out scientific-technical developments and to improve technological processes, concerning the arrangement of transportations, LLC "Controlling" was founded in 2000.