Uraltrans Russian

Head Office

"Logistic Center", 2 lit. "B", Montajnikov Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia
+7 343 3441902
+7 343 2143525


Reliable partners all over Russia and Europe enable our company to choose or to work out tariff scale, route of freight transportation and logistic solution on transport.

"Uraltrans" organizes highway transportation operations of any complexity:
  • Working out an optimal route
  • Constant monitoring of freight location
  • "Door-to-door" delivery
  • Informing the consignor of the consignee having received the freight
  • Motor trucking with passing loading of motor transport
  • Motor trucking of small consignment
  • Freight insurance
  • Guarding and freight forwarding in the course of motor trucking

International motor trucking

We also offer services on freight transportation by motor transport to the countries of Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Poland, Czechia, Spain, Italy and other), Byelorussia and other CIS countries and back.

  • free consultations on optimizing the plan of delivery and customs registration;
  • computation of tariff rates on freight transportation.
  • Keeping track of freight location on the whole supply route.