Uraltrans Russian

Head Office

"Logistic Center", 2 lit. "B", Montajnikov Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia
+7 343 3441902
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Air transportation

 "Uraltrans" offers its customers the following types of services, concerning transportation:

  • air transportation on the intercity lines throughout Russia
  • air transportation throughout CIS and European countries
  • air transportation of oversized and heavy freights
  • air transportation of freights requiring special conditions of transportation
  • arrangement and transportation of freights by chartered flight throughout Russia, CIS, Europe
  • arrangement of "Door-to-door" delivery
  • arrangement of transit transportations
  • freight insurance
  • optimization of schemes and conditions of transportation according to individual requirements of customers
  • optimization of terms of payment for transportations
  • special terms of transportations for regular customers
  • freight forwarding up to the airport
  • freight transportation with the following "to-door" delivery in the destination point
  • arrangement of customs registration (customs clearance) of incoming and outgoing freight
  • insurance and risk protection (loss of the freight, delay in delivery).

Freight is dispatched to the cities of Europe, Southern and Northern America, Asia, Australia, Oceania, New Zealand, Africa, by regular flights from the 3 Russian airports: "Koltsovo" (Yekaterinburg), "Sheremetievo-1" (Moscow) and "Poulkovo" (St. Petersburg). Throughout Russia freight is dispatched from the airports (in the cities of our branch and representative offices). We will help you to choose the transportation route, which is optimal either in price or the time of delivery.

Common rules of freight transportation.

Freight transportation by air transport is carried out by direct regular flights on the schedule. The freights presented by consignor to be transported must be duly packed into a sufficient package, in order to prevent the damage of other freights, baggage and the body of aircraft itself while transporting.

Chemical, physical and other properties of the freight must not be changed, since it may result in its damage or in the insecurity of air transportation. The dimensions of freight must not exceed those permitting its free loading and unloading through standard hatches not damaging the constructing elements of aircraft. The freight is issued at the destination airport to an consignee, pointed out in the consignment note or to his/her attorney after checking the documents, identifying his/her personality and authority.

Our customers can be either corporate or natural person.

Heavy freight - piece of freight of more than 80 kg weight, big-volume one is the freight, which due to its dimensions and/or form requires the engagement of special handling machinery, subsidiary means of packing, exceeds the dimensions of loading hatches and load boxes of passenger craft.

Charter operations - affreightment of the craft to haul between the specified ports or districts of loading and unloading. Freight payment is charged for freight ton.

Freight insurance is the measurement aimed at the full or partial refund of the losses, appearing as a result of these or that risks by the way of shifting these risks' consequences from one part (insured) onto the other (insurer) for a certain consideration.

Freight forwarding is a complex of services on receiving the freights, their forwarding during the transportation, issue, registering the documents of title, as well as packing, marking the goods and their storage.

Custom clearance:

  1. Carrying out a complex of necessary formalities, arising while transporting the goods and vehicles across the border of the country, and provided by customs rules, concerning import and export of freights. This service customs registration, payment of custom duties, and is a necessary condition for an "issue".
  2. Import (export) permit by customs.