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"Logistic Center", 2 lit. "B", Montajnikov Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia
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Additional services

Keeping track of freight location on the whole supply route.
“Uraltrans” customers are offered a service of prompt informing on the location of carriages/containers with the dispatched freight, as well as on transport operation completion. This enables the customer to control the movement of freight at all the stages of transportation.
Convoy and protection of freight.
“Uraltrans” can offer the customers a service of protection and convoy of freight throughout the entire journey. According to the signed contract with a Federal state enterprise "Departmental guard of Ministry of Communication of Russian Federation", concerning the convoying and protection of carriages (containers) with freights, transported by railway transport throughout the territory of Russia (in case “Uraltrans” is agreed to be the consignor), accepted for guard are the carriages (containers) with freights, transported in all types of communications by railway transport. We also offer our customers and partners guarding services.
Freight Insurance.
Our company's partners, being professionals on the insurance services market, provide the customers' freights with a reliable insurance protection. Customer can choose whether the freight would be protected from all the risks or just some of them. The sum of freight insurance depends on its real cost, which, at the customer's will, can include the imaginary profit at the rate of the agreed percent of real cost of freight and all the overhead expenses on the arrangement of its transportation to the destination point.
Our partners provide corporate and natural persons with insurance protection of all the types of freights in the course of the transportation by any type of transport at any distance, including loading, unloading and transloading:
  • Freight transportation insurance
  • Minimal rates of insurance tariff
  • Optimization of insurance conditions
  • Consultations by qualified specialists
  • Arrangement of guard convoy
Arranging and carrying out handling operations with any types of freights. Working out of drafts and outlines of loading and strapping and their adjustment.
The service of working out loading and strapping drafts goes together with the arrangement of freight transportation, according to the technical conditions of freight stowage and strapping in carriages and containers, taking into consideration the established order and conditions of freight stowage and strapping in carriages and containers in the course of transportations throughout the territory of Russia.

Our company has a long experience in executing the handling operations while dispatching heavy, oversized crane and other machinery (equipment, enginery and others) on an open rolling-stock (license on loading and unloading activities 00836 on executing operations on the railway transport).

We can fulfill the following requirements, concerning handling operations:
  • Meeting the conditions of statutory and legal acts of the Russian Federation, government and industry standards, as well as the requirements, concerning the protection of railway traffic.
  • Qualified employees, responsible for the loading, stowage and strapping of freight, who have the corresponding grounding and the experience of executing these operations.
Our company may act as a consignor and as a consignee of your freights.
Our company offers the customers the following list of services:
  • Dispatch of carriages/containers from the stations of the railway of Sverdlovsk and South-Ural regions at any destination.
  • Services on receipt of carriages/containers at the stations of the railway of Sverdlovsk and South-Ural regions, unloading and registration services.
  • Complex transport services for the company.
  • Control of freight transporting.
  • Informing on the dislocation of carriage/container.
  • In case of delay of carriage in transit - clarification of reason for stoppage and assistance in carriage/container dispatch in accordance with destination point.
Arrangement of customs services.
Customs registration is a complex of customs operations, executed by persons (participants in exterior economic activity, natural persons) and customs authorities, concerning goods and transport means, being transferred across the customs border of the Russian Federation.
Basically by their aims, participating persons, list of required documents and data, all the customs operations are divided on independent groups, denoted by customs procedures.